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The whole Toolkit collection with 30 templates:

  • Evaluation and Selection Template for Success
  • Problem Statement
  • Empathy Map
  • Persona/User Profiles
  • Experiementation/Prototypes Tracking Canvas
  • Design Thinking Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Ecosystem Design Canvas
  • Scale and Growth Canvas
  • North Star Metric(s) Canvas
  • MVM - Minimum Viable Metrics Canvas
  • Health Metrics Canvas
  • 5Ps Creativity Canvas
  • Basic AI Canvas
  • Cheat Sheet for Formulating OKRs
  • Envision OKR Canvas 
  • Team Collaboration Canvas
  • Moonshot/Everest Canvas for Innovation Teams
  • Define and Cluster Success Criteria 
  • OKRs Documentation 
  • Skills & Capabilities Reflection Template
  • Mobilize & Communication Canvas
  • Redefine OKRs Canvas
  • Data Ideation Canvas
  • Data Ethics Canvas
  • Design Thinking for AI Canvas
  • Customer Journey AI Template
  • Data Source Template
  • Neurodesign Project Canvas
  • Bonus Template: Problem to Scale and Grwoth Inno. Funnel Template


Description Templates:

  • The PDF templates contain a short description of the methodology and the most important questions per step in the application.
  • The template can be printed in good quality up to a size of A0/E, as a poster for workshops and group work.
  • The product contains no advertising and can be used neutrally in any organization and any workshop format you can think of.


30 Innovation Metrics Templates (English)

249,50 CHF Standardpreis
49,98 CHFSale-Preis
  • After the order and payment process is completed, a web link to access the PDF templates is send to your email address. The download link will be valid for 20 days. We recommend downloading all templates ordered immediately.

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