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The whole Design Thinking Life template collection with over 30 templates:


  • Template Design your Future Warm-up: 60 minutes

I. Design Thinking Life Templates

  • Positioning
  • Self-reflection
  • Acceptance 
  • Exercise Reframing
  • General Reframing Exercises
  • Personal Energy Journal
  • Reflection with AEIOU & Evaluation Flow Moments
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Self-perception vs. perception by others
  • Context map
  • Formulating a point of view
  • Brainstorming/Brainwriting
  • Special Brainstorming
  • Selecting ideas (daisies)
  • Define stages and goals
  • Summarise, select and choose ideas (2X2 matrix)
  • Outline and evaluate life plan
  • Feedback Documentation (capture grid)
  • Outline the life plan
  • Reflection on the implementation of the life plan

II: Templates Designing the occupational and career plan

  • Values
  • Environmental factors
  • Thinking preferences
  • Designing career paths: Variant 1
  • Design of career paths: Variant 2
  • Design of career paths: Variant 3
  • Desirability / Feasibility / Viability
  • Testing Sheet
  • Implementation of career path

+ Extra templates with reflection questions & vision board template



Description Templates:

  • The PDF templates contain a short description of the methodology and the most important questions per step in the application.
  • The template can be printed in good quality up to a size of A0/E, as a poster for workshops and group work.
  • The product contains no advertising and can be used neutrally in any organization and any workshop format you can think of.


30 Design Thinking Life Templates (English)

200,00 CHF Standardpreis
29,95 CHFSale-Preis
  • After the order and payment process is completed, a web link to access the PDF templates is send to your email address. The download link will be valid for 20 daysWe recommend downloading all templates ordered immediately.

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